Up to 250,000 copyrights

Ideal for: Midsize to large organizations with larger catalogues

All Professional tier features

Increased support and professional services

The Advanced tier includes 12 consultancy days a year to accelerate and develop custom projects or achieve specific goals, as well as 24-hour phone support.

Extend and enhance platform functionality with our range of Synchtank modules

The Advanced tier includes one module and gives you full access to our range of add-on modules. Extend the functionality of your system into specialist areas such as A&R, Playlisting, CRM and more. View the full list of modules here.

Higher and more flexible security

More flexible security is included, allowing assets to be more tightly controlled both internally and externally through customer defined groups and access levels. Additional features include the SSL encryption of all connections, encrypted databases and code access. Services available incorporate monthly vulnerability assessment, quarterly penetration testing and reporting, and compliance reporting on vulnerability testing.

Early access to Beta module releases

Take advantage of new functionality more quickly with access to Synchtank’s early release program.

10x faster track uploading and processing

A priority queue management system is included for encoding, ingestion and upload that allows recordings and other digital assets to be converted and imported into the system much faster.

Catalogue syndication with other Synchtank clients

A syndication system is available you to work seamlessly with other Synchtank clients, transferring and synchronising tracks and metadata between companies. Whether you are doing sub-publishing, distribution, or direct deals with broadcasters, you can set up your system to share subsets of your tracks and metadata and keep your partners up-to-date as your catalogue changes.