Supports up to 100,000 copyrights

Ideal for: Small to medium sized businesses and catalogues

Comprehensive support and professional services

Our team are on hand to provide training, support and professional services to help you get the most out of your system from the get-go. The Professional tier includes 6 consultancy days a year to accelerate and develop custom projects or achieve specific goals, as well as 24-hour email support.

Integrate with your existing data suppliers

The platform integrates with and supports major distribution platforms and data formats, allowing you to plug in quickly and easily to your existing suppliers. The system handles FUGA and Consolidated Independent (CI) deliveries and ingestion to both rapidly on-board your catalogue as well as send to partners. Support for DDEX, spreadsheets or direct data connections to your rights database ensures that the system can work with your existing company data processes.

Make use of all key system functionality:

  • Complete catalogue management
    Manage every single detail of your catalogue from a single, centralized location. Import and manage all metadata and track information, from master recording rights and publishing rights, to release data and territory rights.  We support bulk uploads via our systems or a connected Dropbox account.
  • Automated metadata tagging and metadata support
    Enrich your catalogue with our automated metadata tagging, which adds semantic recording data including BPM, tempo, key, mode, mood, genre, similar tracks, and more. Work with our knowledgeable team to clean up and enhance your metadata to work with all modern systems.
  • Pitching and tracking tools
    Securely pitch branded playlists, albums, tracks, artist pages, and newsletters to your contacts and lists. Measure your pitching success by tracking opens, click-throughs, streams and downloads.
  • Tailored licensing methods
    Effectively monetize your copyrights with our wide range of licensing methods, from detailed enquiry forms to automated licensing, micro-licensing, blanket and subscription licensing. Keep 100% of your revenue.
  • Responsive websites
    Ensure that your site reflects your brand with our fully responsive and customizable website templates. Control all website content including artist pages, news and placement portfolios from the embedded CMS.

Extend and enhance platform functionality with our range of Synchtank modules

The Professional tier gives you full access to our range of add-on modules. Extend the functionality of your system into specialist areas such as A&R, Playlisting, CRM and more. View the full list of modules here.

Go the extra mile with custom development

If you have a special project or custom need for your business, we can make it happen. Your new ideas can come to life through our team of skilled developers that understand your business and your goals.