Case Study: Bucks Music Group

How we built an integrated solution for Bucks Music Group to manage their catalog, pitching and sales more effectively, and a dedicated licensing site to direct buyers to their music.

Bucks Music Group sync team

The Client

Bucks Music Group is an international and independent music publisher with a rich musical heritage, and has been responsible for developing and launching the careers of legends of the music industry including T-Rex, David Bowie, and Black Sabbath.

They have an active A&R department which constantly sources new talent and as well as joint ventures with leading independent labels and catalogs from a network of leading international sub-publishers.

The Challenge

As an international independent music publisher, Bucks Music Group required an integrated solution that would enable them to manage their catalog as well as their sales and pitching pipeline from a convenient, centralised location.

“Previously we were using a file delivery service to deliver briefs, and then managing things like reports separately, so we had multiple systems running. We needed something that would save time by simplifying the process”.

Jonathan Tester, Head of Creative Sync & Licensing

They also needed a public facing website to showcase the best of their catalog and make it visible to buyers. “We needed a system that would allow our catalog to be available and searchable 24/7, and that music supervisors and other clients could log on to and search through our tracks”, Bucks’ Head of Creative Sync & Licensing Jonathan Tester explains.

The Solution

We created a centralised platform for Bucks to store and manage their catalog and associated data under one roof. With a cloud-based system optimised for any device, the Bucks team can access all of their assets and their extensive Synchtank toolset from any location, 24/7. The system also makes it easier for Bucks to deliver their catalog to their many customers and affiliates worldwide, particularly as many of them also use Synchtank: “We sub-publish a lot of catalogs who use the same system, so there’s continuity”, says Jonathan.

“We had been approached by other providers, but when we met the Synchtank team, the system and the fee structure and the transparency of it just made sense. The on-boarding process was really straightforward.”

Jonathan Tester, Head of Creative Sync & Licensing

To provide Bucks’ clients with a single point of access to their catalog we built a dedicated licensing site, synclinks, for them to showcase the best of their music. Content including news, artist information, recent sync placements and playlists can all be controlled by the team with an easy to use content management system (CMS). The site’s advanced search function, powered by our automated metadata tagging, helps buyers find exactly what they’re looking for and make licensing requests via detailed forms.

With pitching for sync briefs a big part of the creative team’s daily operation, we provided them with the tools to securely pitch out branded playlists, albums, tracks, artist pages, and newsletters, and the ability to measure engagement by tracking opens, click-throughs, streams and downloads. We also set them up with a customer relationship management (CRM) system to oversee all pitching opportunities and activities, licensing requests/quotes and customer interactions, and create detailed reports.

The Bucks team found the on-boarding process straightforward and were impressed by just how simple it is to upload tracks and data. “We had an intern upload and import all of our metadata and tracks”, explains Jonathan. “You can upload files in bulk or on a track by track basis. Having that flexibility is brilliant.” He was also pleased with how customisable the system is: “The Synchtank system is really adaptable. You can tailor it to your companies’ needs, which is great.”

The Result

Streamlining workflows through Synchtank has helped Bucks save huge amounts of time previously spent on admin that can now be dedicated to maintaining client relationships and finding new business. “Before you would be going through your emails, then going back to and having to marry up the brief and the folder you sent, whereas with Synchtank you can just run a report”, explains Jonathan.

“Using Synchtank has freed up so much time, and we can now dedicate that to going out and getting new business.”

Tom Frank, Creative Sync & Licensing Exec

Having a dedicated sync website gives Bucks more visibility and credibility in the marketplace. “It shows that we’re heavily invested in sync”, says Jonathan. Having a professional file delivery system has also been game changing for pitching for briefs and delivering assets to clients. “Music supervisors are increasingly insistent on having music delivered in a simple, professional format”, explains Senior Creative Sync & Licensing Manager Angus Fulton. “I think you’d be losing business if you weren’t using a platform like Synchtank.”

The CRM system has helped the Bucks team to build better relationships with their clients and partners. “We run reports to our different writers, affiliates, managers, sub-publishers, etc. to show them where we’ve pitched our songs”, Angus explains. It has also helped them to be more organised and efficient as a team as everything is now tracked and logged in the system. “We log all licensing requests on the system and we can update the status so everyone can see exactly what stage it’s at”, says Jonathan. “It’s also great because you can look at historically what fees have been quoted for certain tracks.”

Our big thing is getting back to clients as quickly as we can, so anything that does that we really embrace. Synchtank has done that for us.”

Jonathan Tester, Head of Creative Sync & Licensing

Overall, the Bucks team are delighted with the ongoing service and support that Synchtank continues to provide. “The people behind the system are really passionate about it,” explains Jonathan. “They genuinely seem excited about what we do, and are always thinking of ways to make it better for us.”

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