Metadata & Advanced Search

Optimise your catalogue for clearance and monetisation with our automated and in-depth metadata tagging. Drive music discovery with our advanced search capabilities.

Enhance assets with automated metadata tagging

Enrich your catalogue with our automated metadata tagging algorithms, which add semantic and descriptive recording data including BPM, tempo, key, mode, mood, genre, similar tracks, and more.

Manually refine catalogue metadata

Refine your metadata further by making manual edits on a track by track or bulk basis, with multiple fields available in the system. Import and ingest existing metadata from external data sources, and map synonyms to existing tags to make assets more easily searchable.

Optimise search and discovery

Let our automated metadata tagging drive your system’s advanced search capabilities. Allow users and clients to quickly search large catalogues by descriptive, sonic, copyright and clearance metadata.

Customise your advanced search functionality

Tailor your catalogue search functionality with results based on user permissions and other desired criteria, with multiple search and user interfaces available

Search assets by sonic similarity

Search for sonically similar assets using our similarity engine, either using in-house tracks or external MP3 files or YouTube URLs as the source. Search your catalogue by lyric for even more accurate results (subject to integration with the Lyrics module).