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Asset, Rights and Metadata Management Software for Production Music Libraries

Synchtank provides a highly customizable solution for managing and monetizing production music libraries. Give your clients a seamless experience, work better with your partners, and streamline key business processes.

Software for Record Labels & Music Publishers

Manage your assets, rights and metadata in one place

Keep track of your assets, rights and data in a secure, centralized system that updates as new music is created and acquired. Host multiple formats and alternative versions, such as stems, instrumentals, and remixes.

Software for Record Labels & Music Publishers

Showcase your library and drive music discovery

Present your library and assets through your consumer-facing website. Make it easy for your clients to find the best music for their projects with advanced search interfaces and allow them to audition tracks against video.

Tailor your system for global audiences and clients

Tailor your website and the assets displayed for different territories and languages while maintaining one centralized system. Give your clients their own branded Synchtank hub through which to access your library.

Software for Record Labels & Music Publishers

Simplify licensing for content creators

Enable users to easily license music directly from your site and cater to different license types and uses, from miro-licensing to subscription blanket licensing. Track user activity and analyze the performance of your assets.

Synchronize data with sub-publishers and partners

Synchronize your music and metadata with your sub-publishers and partners and automatically update your library. Integrate with the external systems, databases, and music reporting services you already use via API.

Deliver assets according to your client’s needs

Deliver audio in specific formats directly into your client’s production suites. Run a duplicate version of your system and library on a hard drive for clients with limited access to the internet in secure production environments.

  • Cloud-based and scalable
  • Unlimited users
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Highly customizable
  • Robust and flexible APIs
  • 24/7 support available
Software for Record Labels & Music Publishers

Synchtank x IRIS

Combine your system with Synchtank’s royalty accounting platform IRIS to manage and track the full life cycle of your assets, rights and payments.

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