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Copyright Registration, Royalty Collection and Accounting Software for Record Labels and Music Publishers

Whether you are a record label, music publisher, or a music library, IRIS provides a global music administration software platform for registering, collecting, calculating, and reporting on music royalties.

Software for Record Labels & Music Publishers

Easily manage and register your copyrights

Manage complex rights, contracts and rates in a secure, centralized database that ties masters to works. Register songs via CWR and integrate with your partners, sub-publishers, PROs and other systems to exchange data.

Music Royalty Accounting Software

Collect and distribute royalties faster

Ingest statements from multiple sources and dramatically improve processing speed with a system built for volume. Perform complex calculations with high levels of automation and distribute royalties accurately.

Operate on a global scale

Run your system across multi-office setups in multiple languages with global scripts. Track and collect income on a global scale with support for multiple currencies, non-Roman characters and varying FX rates.

Music Royalty Accounting Software

Unlock more revenue from your rights

Collect all the revenue attributed to your IP and track the full life cycle of your assets, rights and payments. Identify and resolve any blockages, delays and missing revenue and ingest PRO suspense files to find unclaimed royalties.

Music Royalty Accounting Software

Turn data into actionable insights

Give your artists and writers a full breakdown of how their IP generates revenue via custom portals. Run detailed reports to analyse the performance of your copyrights and inform decision making across your business.

Integrate with other systems

Integrate with other accounting, payment, data warehousing, and business intelligence systems. Connect IRIS with our Synchtank platform to manage your assets, rights, and metadata for commercial activities.

  • Companies large and small
  • Works with Mac or PC
  • Cloud-based and scalable
  • Highly customizable
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Robust and flexible APIs
Software for Record Labels & Music Publishers

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