Supports up to 1m copyrights

Ideal for: Global organisations with multiple offices, teams, and large catalogues.

All Advanced tier features

Enhanced support and professional services

The Global tier includes 24 consultancy days a year to accelerate and develop custom projects or achieve specific goals, as well as 12-hour phone and email support.

API Integrator module included

Quickly integrate third party applications such as Salesforce, MailChimp and HubSpot to work with Synchtank via our API Integrator.

3 other Modules included

The Global tier includes 3 add-on modules. Extend the functionality of your system into specialist areas such as A&R, Playlisting, CRM and more. View the full list of modules here.

Supports multiple languages and territories

Run multiple language websites to reach your local audience while sharing a single global catalogue. Create display, filter and access rules for each copyright based on user and office locations in relation to territorial rights.

Specified hosting location and extended IT compliance

We can provide extended IT compliance at this level to ensure that your tech department can fully authorize and sign off on the system including specified regional hosting for data compliance requirements as well as custom integration capabilities.

Individual account and technical contact

Our global tier provides an individual contact within our support team that will personally handle your queries and help you drive your business goals with Synchtank.

Advanced asset protection and security

Protect your assets and data with comprehensive security measures including SSL protection, encrypted databases, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing and reporting.