Branded Portal & Website

Dictate the look, feel and functionality of your system to ensure it reflects your brand and requirements.

Control the look and feel of your system

Ensure that your site and user interface reflects your brand with our responsive and customizable templates, and manage what gets displayed to each individual user. Tailor different parts of the system to meet your branding requirements.

Customize the functionality of your system based on your unique workflows. Adapt the portals into your system to present users with the tools and assets they require in the correct context. Make your system totally or partially private for use in intranet environments.

Customised music website - Hummingbird Music

Access your catalogue from any device or location

Optimise your system and website for desktop/mobile/tablet users through standard template-based rollouts or highly customised web branding, allowing your team and clients to access your catalogue from any device or location.

Manage all content from the embedded website management system

Control all website content including artist pages, news and placement portfolios from the embedded website content management system, allowing you to promote the best of your catalogue. Track website traffic by integrating your Google Analytics account.

Plug into the tools you already use

Access you Synchtank platform via an API, and connect to third party software platforms including Salesforce, HubSpot and Mailchimp via the API Connector and Direct API Access module. Visually manage integrations with ease, with no custom programming required.

Go the extra mile with custom development

Work with us to bring your ideas to life, either through your own in-house developers and designers or our own skilled team. Add custom functionality to your system to support your unique business goals.

customised music website - 20th Century Fox