Global entertainment company consolidates assets and streamlines search with Synchtank

With Synchtank, music and production teams can consolidate millions of assets from multiple libraries into one platform and quickly find the right track for projects.

Key benefits:

  • Substantial time and cost savings

  • Unified view of available music content

  • Fast and accurate multi-library search

  • Easy and secure user onboarding

  • Extensive permissions for relevant content display

About the customer:

The organization is a multinational entertainment company with a broad portfolio of multimedia assets and one of the largest cable networks in the US. It reaches viewers in over 60 countries and territories across all seven continents.

The challenge:

In a fast-paced production environment, the music team needs to quickly respond to multiple requests from producers looking to enhance their projects with the right tracks.

These requests could be extremely specific, e.g., “Something that sounds like ”Eye of the Tiger”, or more general, e.g., “We’re looking for orchestral hip hop.”

Previously, this involved the time-consuming process of searching multiple libraries and systems. They relied on their production music partners to deliver tracks and data via drives and had to manually update their systems.

They were seeking a platform that could centralize all of their libraries, streamline search, and quickly provide the right people with the right access to the music they need for their productions.

The solution:

One aggregated music library

They now have access to all of the music available to them in one searchable, aggregated library of over 3 million tracks which combines their in-house catalogs of music and sound effects with their production music libraries.

New assets and data from those libraries are automatically ingested into the system, giving the team a constantly up-to-date library and a unified view of available content.

Faster, AI-powered search

Searches can now be performed faster across all catalogs with more accurate results thanks to a large range of filters and the ability to search by reference tracks for increased precision.

Each track can be auditioned in the system and added to playlists that can be shared with producers to streamline the review and approval process.

Easy user onboarding and permission management

Critical to the organization’s workflows are a revolving set of production individuals, often working on a freelance basis, who need access to the system for searching and downloading tracks.

The team can now quickly onboard new users and configure access permissions so that employees have full access to all libraries, whereas external users only have access to the libraries they need for specific productions.

Scalable and secure infrastructure

The organization hosts over 3 million assets in their cloud-based Synchtank system which also adheres to strict security protocols with features including their own virtual private cloud (VPC) and single sign-on (SSO) access.