Case Study: Position Music

How we replaced Position Music’s outdated web presence with a highly customised website to reflect their artist-centric approach, and gave them the tools to manage multiple catalogs and create an automated UGC licensing solution.

Tyler Bacon Position Music

The Client

Position Music is an independent publisher, record label and management firm, redefining what it means to be a music company. Established in 1999 and still led by founder Tyler Bacon (pictured), Position Music boasts a multinational presence and a continually growing staff.

As experts in music licensing and synchronization, marketing, A&R, and artist management, they are helping shape a new era in the industry with their innovative, full-service, artist-centric approach.

The Challenge

Position Music, led by President and CEO Tyler Bacon, found that their prior custom-built website wasn’t cutting it. Hesitant to rely on third-parties, they built and managed the site in-house with a developer. However, the site soon became outdated as they struggled to keep up with advances in technology and their evolving requirements.

Tyler wanted to present the Position Music catalog and brand through a modern, client-friendly website and interface that could be highly customised and frequently updated to suit their needs. As a label/publisher with a growing catalog they also required the tools and infrastructure to manage copyrights and promote and pitch music in a professional way.

“We wanted to create a web presence that highlighted our artist’s work in a clean, straight forward way and let our music and artists be the focus. At Position Music we always put our artists first, and we wanted our website to reflect that.”

Tyler Bacon, President & CEO

The third challenge was to find an automated solution for managing and granting the many UGC licensing requests that Position Music receives on a daily basis. They wanted to be able to provide online content creators with access to their music without having to dedicate a large amount of the licensing team’s time and resources.

The Solution

We created a sleek new website for Position Music with high levels of customisation to reflect their brand and artist-centric approach. Through the content management system (CMS) the team has full control of everything that is showcased and published on their site, from artists and albums to recent sync placements and playlists.

Position Music website

With great user experience and customer service central to Position Music’s business, we ensured that the interface was simple and intuitive to help each visitor find exactly what they’re looking for. The advanced search tool allows users to quickly search the entire catalog and filter results by a wide range of criteria, from keywords to BPM. Users then have the option to stream/download tracks or request a license.

Position music catalog search

Given that many different parties use Position Music’s website in a variety of ways, we wanted to make sure that we accommodated each unique user’s needs. Allowing the team to grant each user different permissions (download, stream, etc.) means that they have total control over their varying levels of access as well as what data is displayed and to whom. This includes a special music “collection” level of permission customisation which allows select users to access certain tracks that others may not be able to.

“The people at Synchtank are very easy to work with and incredibly smart. They communicate well and have become experts in creating musical experiences on the web. They understand our business and always bring new ideas to the table. They’re also flexible and willing to serve your unique needs.”

Tyler Bacon, President & CEO

Licensing also plays a huge part in Position Music’s business. To facilitate smaller licences for UGC and YouTubers, we created a one-stop subscription service, hosted on a separate site under a completely separate brand. With Uzer Music, content creators pay $19.99/month for unlimited access to a select, pre-agreed segment of Position Music’s larger catalog. Uzer Music subscribers can use any of the tracks in their monetized YouTube videos. Both and are automatically updated with new music based on Synchtank’s automated sync systems. This also allows Position Music to spin up multiple new brands or vertical offerings quickly and easily when needed.

Uzer Music Subscription UGC Licensing

The Results

The new Position Music and Uzer Music sites have driven growth for Position Music. “We move fast at Position, and the website is our rock that keeps everything stable and organized”, explains Tyler. “We think that the site looks really sleek and we’re really proud of it.”

Being able to publicly showcase their catalog and send out pitches in a way that reflects their brand is essential to the team. “We wanted to present everything very professionally from day one and we’ve been able to accomplish that with Synchtank,” says Tyler. The clean, easy-to-use interface has been key in improving the user experience and helping the team to serve their clients as efficiently as possible.

“We teach our clients to navigate the website and then to a large degree they can serve themselves. With our clients able to find what they need on their own we are able to save time and run our business more effectively.”

Tyler Bacon, President & CEO

Switching to their new system has also helped Position Music streamline their workflows and data management. “Being able to organize and arrange our music catalog is a big plus. We have a mixed catalog with different rights on different songs and we are meticulous about our metadata and how we ingest new music”, Tyler explains. “Our clients love how organized we keep everything and Synchtank allows us to do that.”

Given the fast-moving nature of the music industry, Position Music strives  to stay ahead of the game and at Synchtank we look forward to continuing to deliver on their vision.

“We’re really in sync with Synchtank. We’ve built everything we wanted to build and now it’s just a constant, “Ooh we could do this, ooh it would get better if we could do that.” It’s still a never-ending development process because we’re always looking to improve but it’s just so much easier now.”

Tyler Bacon, President & CEO

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