Catalogue Management

Take full control of your catalogue – manage all metadata and rights information from a single, convenient location. Drive revenue by improving the accuracy of your data.

Upload your catalogue and integrate with existing data suppliers

Import your catalogue and all its details, from ISRC codes to master recording rights, publishing rights, and other essential metadata. Upload in bulk directly to our system or via a connected Dropbox account.

Plug into your existing data suppliers or royalty accounting systems, including Consolidated Independent (CI), FUGA, Music Maestro and iMaestro.

Manage and enrich your copyrights

Manage all of your catalogue details on a track by track or bulk basis, from an easy to use dashboard. Create albums instantly or by grouping tracks together with drag and drop functionality. Attach alternative versions and stems to their parent file.

Manually enhance metadata and map synonyms to existing tags to make assets more easily searchable. Control each individual user’s level of access to track information and streaming/download permissions.

Catalogue management software

Customize your search functionality

Tailor your catalogue search page with results based on use permissions and other desired criteria. Search using an existing MP3 file of a YouTube URL as the source.

Customize your catalogue search functionality

Syndicate your catalogue with other Synchtank clients

Work seamlessly with other Synchtank clients, transferring and synchronising tracks and metadata between companies. Whether you are working with sub-publishers or doing direct deals with broadcasters, keep your partners up-to-date with your catalogue.

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