Whether you're a music publisher, label, broadcaster, movie studio, or anything in between, find the right fit for your business from the following tiers:


Up to 100k copyrights

  • 24-hour email support SLA
  • 6 consultancy days/annum
  • External catalogue data integration
  • All key system functionality, from catalogue management and metadata services, to pitching and licensing tools included
  • Compatible with add-on Synchtank Modules
  • Optional custom development available


Up to 250k copyrights

All Professional features


  • 24-hour phone support SLA
  • 6 additional consultancy days per annum (12 total)
  • 1 Synchtank Module included
  • Higher and more flexible security
  • Early access to future Module releases
  • 10 x faster track uploading and processing
  • Catalogue syndication with other Synchtank clients


Up to 1m copyrights

All Advanced features


  • 12-hour phone and email support SLA
  • 12 additional consultancy days per annum (24 total)
  • 6 training days per annum
  • API integrator Module included
  • 3 additional Synchtank Modules included (4 total)
  • Multi-offices and multi-languages supported
  • Specified hosting location
  • Individual account and technical contact
  • Advanced asset protection and security

Enhance the functionality of your Synchtank platform with an array of cutting edge modules


  • Use our search algorithms to quickly create playlists based on similar songs, genres, moods, tempos, keys, eras/years, instruments, themes, keywords, lyrics, and more.
  • Publish playlists directly to Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and SoundCloud (more to come)
  • Embed playlists and branded players on any website
  • Generate and export spreadsheets of playlist metadata
  • Import playlists from streaming services
  • Centralize playlist strategies and keep track of your work in one place


  • Built in CRM system allowing you to manage sales funnel
  • Integrated client, company, and list information with permissions
  • Create detailed reports on projects, searches, pitches, quotes, and licenses
  • Create custom data templates and schedule delivery of reports
  • Custom data imports and support for existing systems

API Integrator

  • Graphical dashboard to allow quick connections to multiple 3rd party platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot and Mailchimp and a wide range of other systems
  • Customer can visually manage integrations with ease
  • No custom programming required


  • Allow your A&R team to upload and catalog tracks
  • Track managers, publishers and contracts
  • Hold tracks while team is negotiating
  • Distribute playlists between the teams
  • Manage catalog access between A&R, Promotions, marketing and sync.

Blanket licensing

  • Create blanket license subscriptions
  • Manage multiple sets of songs for different clients
  • Clients only access collections for which they have permissions
  • Accept credit card payments for subscriptions
  • Watermark downloads to track and audit broadcasts
  • Report on track usages automatically
  • Tailor your presentation to your clients requirements

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