Manage assets, rights and data and simplify music licensing and clearance with Synchtank

Streamline the entire process, from managing internally owned or third party assets and rights to overseeing music licensing, clearances, and cue sheet reporting.

Core Platform

Our core platform gives you an enterprise grade foundation which can be built on with a range of additional modules.

Centralized Platform & Tools

Centralized Platform & Tools

Manage everything in one place
Access all of your assets, productions, cue sheets and associated data from one centralized, cloud-based platform and from any location.

Streamline your workflows
Eliminate the need for multiple, fragmented applications with our powerful set of integrated tools and range of add-on modules.

Improve operational efficiency
Tailor your system to meet your specific user requirements and business needs, and integrate with the tools you already use.

Centralized Platform & Tools
Catalog Management

Catalog Management

Take control of your catalog
Manage a constantly updated library of tracks, from in-house catalogs to 3rd party music, and oversee complex metadata and rights information.

Host multiple formats and versions
Store music and video assets in multiple formats and attach numerous alternative versions, such as stems, covers and remixes, to an original asset.

Plug into your existing data suppliers
Transfer assets seamlessly between you and your partners and plug into your existing data suppliers and/or invoicing and royalty accounting systems.

Catalog Management
Metadata & Advanced Search

Metadata & Advanced Search

Manually refine catalog metadata
Manually edit metadata on an individual track or bulk basis, with multiple fields available in the system.

Enhance assets with automated metadata tagging
Automatically tag your assets with descriptive semantic metadata such as mood, tempo and BPM as they are ingested into the system.

Drive music discovery with advanced search
Search your entire library by descriptive, copyright and clearance metadata, and identify sonically similar assets with customizable search interfaces.

Metadata & Advanced Search
Collaboration & Auditioning

Collaboration & Auditioning

Enhance teamwork and collaboration
Collaborate with your team on playlists and projects. Send details of briefs and productions to your partners and clients, allowing them to submit content.

Audition and preview tracks
Preview tracks before they go into production and spot them against video with Synchstage, our sync-to-picture editing tool.

Share assets and projects
Share tracks, playlists, Synchstage videos, projects, and production details with clients and collaborators and control download and access rights.

Collaboration & Auditioning
Branded Portal & Website

Branded Portal & Website

Dictate the look and functionality of your system
Ensure that your back-end portal and front-end website reflect your brand and requirements with our customizable and responsive templates.

Control what gets displayed
Configure and control what gets displayed to your users and clients via the website content management system.

Customize your system
Tailor the functionality of your system based on your unique workflows, and go the extra mile with custom development.

Branded Portal & Website
Users & Support

Users & Support

Include as many users as you need
Allow as many users as you require, both internally and externally, to use your system at varying levels of access and capabilities.

Control user permissions
Control each individual user’s level of access to information on the system. Assign admin and user roles and set permissions across user groups.

Get the most out of your system
Take advantage of our dedicated support, customer success and training services. Benefit from regular updates and upgrades with no additional fees.

Users & Support

Additional Modules

Build on our core platform with a range of additional modules

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