Synchtank provides highly customizable solutions for music rights holders and music users

Catalog & Rights Management

Manage your assets, rights, and data in a secure centralized system designed to streamline workflows and simplify complex rights.

  • Take control of your assets and manage complex rights
  • Give your business a single source of data truth
  • Get a complete picture of your rights and what you can do with them
  • Integrate with third party systems and partners
  • Customize your system to your unique business processes
music rights management

Licensing Out

Get the most value from your catalog and IP with streamlined sync pitching tools and a wide range of licensing methods.

  • Pitch to your sync contacts and other customers in an organized way
  • Present your catalog through searchable front-end portals with whitelisting and payment gateways
  • Monetize at scale with e-commerce solutions for high volume licensing
  • Track commercial activities with detailed reporting and analytics
music licensing

Licensing In

Centralize clearance workflows for productions and streamline your content acquisition processes with world-class project-management and database tools.

  • Centralize and easily manage rights, data, and contracts
  • Get a complete picture of your productions and licenses
  • Automatically ingest third party music libraries and data in real time
  • Streamline music clearances at scale with automated workflows
  • Set up easy cue sheet and reporting processes

Copyright Registration & Royalty Accounting

Register, calculate, collect, and report on music royalties with a platform built for the complexities and scale of the digital age.

  • Easily register works with global PROs and DSPs
  • Collect and distribute royalties faster with high-speed processing
  • Turn data into actionable insights with robust reporting
  • Give your clients full transparency with custom portals
  • Customize your system for highly complex royalty scenarios
music accounting software

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